Some Common FAQs

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I love this place! Can I play in your game?

To receive player status in our creative writing role-playing game, you must submit a character concept, have it accepted, pass an audition and receive approval for game play.

What is a character concept?

A character concept is the biography, history, physical description, personality, skill levels, traits and abilities of the character you would like to play. The richer the concept, the better. (Note that rich doesn’t equal ridiculously long, though.)

To learn how to create a good character concept, you may want to read How to Create Believable Characters.

How do I submit a character concept?

Click here to view and fill out our Character Concept Submission Form.

I have submitted my character concept. How long do I have to wait for approval?

We respond to all communication within 48 hours.

Do you ever deny character concepts?


Which character concepts do you deny?

Drama queens and loners won’t make it through the approval process. If all your character can do is sit alone and brood, or go on and on about a horrible life to squeeze out sympathy, we don’t want it.

Fluffy-bunny princesses with lavender eyes, hair flowing down to the knees, a vapid brain and cup size DD breasts should apply to Baywatch, not us.

Ruthlessly world-angry characters won’t make it either. If your character is always explosive, continually furious and antisocial to the point of making every scene a fight, find a boxing ring and have at it.

Power gamers and power characters – you know, those who exist only to be the winner, the strongest, the best, the bully and the champion with the most powerful weapons – are not welcome here. Take it elsewhere.

Can I alter my character concept after approval?

Not unless you request permission, provide reasons, and have the alteration approved by Storytellers

How many characters can I play?

One to begin. After three months of consistent gaming, you can request permission to create a second character. That character concept goes through the same approval process as your first one did.

Note that just because you play one character doesn’t mean your second character concept will be approved.

How often am I expected to post?

Players are expected to post at least daily. You need to be able to keep up with the game, so make sure that you have the time to play.

Of course, if you go on vacation or need to take a few days off, we have a ‘Notification of Absence’ thread to that end, where you can let everyone know you’ll be away.

How much should I write in each post?

Too long a post, and other players have no chance to react. Too short a post, and players feel cheated. Find the sweet spot that advances the game and lets other players have a chance to play, too.

One-liner posts or posts that don’t provide enough material for other players to work with are unacceptable.

Am I expected to read other people’s posts outside of those my character is in?

Yes. Other threads give you an idea of what’s going on in other scenes running parallel to yours. Reading other threads also gives you inspiration and ideas.

If you like to be kept totally in the dark and want a strictly reactionary game, don’t read other threads. But don’t expect us to update you, tell you what’s happening or explain why so-and-so is upset.

Doesn’t reading other threads risk player knowledge?

No. Player knowledge means your character knows something simply because you know something. You can’t have your character know what he hasn’t yet discovered for himself or figured out through logical processes.

For example, if a character in another scene puts a stone in her pocket, your character cannot and should not know the stone is there. Player knowledge is a character that claims to know the stone is there.

A character that asks, “What’s in your pocket?” based on the bulge of the cloth or the way the woman’s hand is always in her pocket is sign of a savvy player using what he knows in a logical way without using player knowledge.

Reading other threads helps you find an ‘in’ for your character. Refusing to read other threads because you don’t want to use player knowledge is a lazy copout and shows an uncaring attitude.

If my character is in a scene, and I want him out of it, what do I do?

Find an excuse and have him leave.

Can my character kill other characters?

Your character can certainly try, but he or she never succeeds. We don’t support character killings. Players put far too much effort into characters to have them snuffed out by someone else.

Can my character hurt another character?

Yes. Be prepared to deal with the in-game consequences of hurting another character.

Can my character die?

If your character does something phenomenally stupid, yes.

I don’t like my character any more. Can I write a character suicide?

In-game suicide is bad form. We don’t support disposable characters. If you have an issue with your character, please contact us and we’ll help you find a solution.

Another character is mad at my character. Does the other player hate me?

Of course not. This is a fiction game, not reality. Characters disagree, fight, get upset and make up all the time. These situations are no reflection of the player’s personal feelings.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes. Copyright law protects this game. All character concepts, plot, graphic elements, artwork and creative content contained herein unless otherwise specified are the property of either White Wolf Publishing or Men with Pens, all rights reserved. At no time can they be used elsewhere unless the respective author (s) grants permission.