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Mysteria Island welcomes you – not with open arms, of course, but with macabre glee.

As you approach the island, it seems a wonder. White sand beaches dot the shoreline below towering, rocky cliffs sporting lush forest. Further on, the sands turn to dense marsh that birds would surely find delightful as nesting areas.

If there were any birds, that is… Look closer.

The cliffs are sheer in many places, a barricade fortress preventing you from reaching what lies beyond. The beautiful beaches are empty, devoid of fresh drinking water, and you see no food source at all.

There’s no sign of life. Not a single remnant that someone might have come before you.

But there are rumors of a single beach that holds promise – you’ve heard the talk on the mainland, haven’t you? You’ve heard the whispers, too. They say the beach lies away from the forbidding cliffs that surround the north and south ends of the island, almost swallowed by a dense, murky swamp that lines the shallow western bay.

And if you happen to find the beach, and the marsh that cradles it in its arms, you start to believe that the warning whispers of the mainland folk weren’t just rumors. The marsh appears deep and thick. The faint odor of decay wafts towards your nose on the light ocean breeze.

Only someone who knows the beach is there – or who is very, very lucky indeed – can find it and the rotting remains of the decayed port the marsh now hosts. Then again, luck is a matter of perspective. Perhaps those who died of thirst on the other beaches beneath the cliffs were the lucky ones.

Those who manage to slog their way through the marsh and clamber through the ominous, dense forest beyond might be relieved to find a settlement of sorts. To call it a settlement is a bit of a misnomer, though. What appears at first glance to be a thriving village is just a ghost of the pass. The remains of the old buildings are falling to pieces, and some roofs have caved into destitute rooms below.

A closer inspection shows there may be hope. Some of the buildings sport newly hewn lintels above doors and patches of fresh mortar joints show between the old, worn stones. Not all the roofs are broken, and some are new. You might even see familiar objects near doorways, like tools for construction or possibly rough linen clothes hung to dry.

You might even hear voices. The village bears life – and hope. Just a collection of those who came before you, but no matter – clearly, there are people on the island, fighting for survival. You might even hear a voice or two – if you live past your journey through marsh and forest, that is.


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