Visual and performing arts

Hear stereo online plus supply dwell radio stations now.

Relevant Radio Network, sometimes referred to as RN, is a syndicated radio station in the United States, primarily focusing on Christian programming and talk radio. It is currently the third largest Catholic radio organization behind Diocese of Miami and Archdiocese of San Diego. The two satellite radio networks that compete directly with relevant Radio are […]

Mystic arts

Guide of shadows, understanding tarot credit cards

Mystic Arts Foundation Tantric ritual seeks to access the supra-mundane through the mundane, identifying the microcosm with the macrocosm. The Tantric practitioner seeks to use prana (energy flowing through the universe, including one’s body) to attain goals which may be spiritual, material or both. Tantric practice includes visualisation of deities, mantras and mandalas. Strange then […]

Types of arts

Dance Party – Types, Designs in addition to Procedures

History Of Tango These gatherings took place in large houses inhabited by several families that included large open spaces for dancing. Accompanied by solo guitar, the dance became an Argentine household staple. Alternatively, couples would dance toorquesta típica.These small bands would include violins, piano, flute, a double bass, and the bandoneon or “tango accordion”. The […]