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The following index tells you exactly where you can find specific information on this site. Just click the title link, and enjoy your read!

What is ER and How is It Played?

How to Apply to Play at ER

  • Do I need to know how to role play or game?
  • What’s This World of Darkness Stuff?
  • What Kind of Characters Do You Accept?
  • How Do I Create a Character?
  • What Happens After I Submit a Character Concept?
  • I Have to Audition to Play?
  • How Do Auditions Work?
  • I’ve Submitted my Audition. Now What?
  • I Didn’t Pass the Audition or My Character Concept Wasn’t Accepted. Now What?
  • I Have No Idea What I’m Doing. Can Someone Help?

Short FAQs on ER

  • I love this place! Can I play in your game?
  • What is a character concept?
  • What kind of characters do you accept?
  • What do you mean, eventual? I want to play a supernatural right now!
  • Wait a second, I don’t want my character to be a supernatural.
  • How do I submit a character concept?
  • Is Escaping Reality based on a gaming system?
  • Do I need to buy the World of Darkness rulebooks?
  • I have a World of Darkness rulebook. It mentions points, dots, and statistics. Do I need all that for my character concept?
  • I have submitted my character concept. How long do I have to wait for approval?
  • Do you ever deny character concepts?
  • Which character concepts do you deny?
  • My character concept has been denied. Now what do I do?
  • Can I alter my character concept after approval?
  • My character concept is approved. Can I start playing?
  • How many characters can I play?
  • How much should I write in each post?
  • Am I expected to read other people’s posts outside of those threads my character is in?
  • Doesn’t reading other threads risk player knowledge?
  • If my character is in a scene, and I want him out of it, what do I do?
  • The rulebook mention experience points (XP). When do you give players XP?
  • Can my character kill other characters?
  • Can my character hurt another character?
  • Can my character die?
  • I don’t like my character anymore. Can I write a character suicide?
  • Another character is mad at my character. Does the other player hate me?
  • Is there anything else I need to know?

The Basics of Playing at Escaping Reality

  • What We’re About
  • Time and Schedule Considerations
  • Equal Opportunity RPGing
  • Creating Relationships
  • Think No One Likes Playing With You?
  • Cliques, Favorites, and Preferences
  • On Chance and Dice

Our House Rules for ER

  • Game Time
  • Player Etiquette
  • On Differentiating IC and OOC
  • Contacting STs and Resolving Issues

How to Rock Your Role-Playing Experience

  • Interaction is a Must
  • Stand Out by Stepping Out
  • Size Does Matter
  • Read Other Players’ Posts Carefully
  • Moving Others . . . Literally
  • Action, Reaction
  • IC isn’t OOC
  • Be Somewhat Realistic
  • Don’t Flit About or Drag It Out
  • Play Nice, Play Dirty – Just Make Sure You Play
  • Creating Stuff Out of Thin Air
  • Out-think the STs

Critical Tips to Help You Enjoy Your RP Experience

  • Pay Attention to Clues
  • Follow the Clues
  • Think Outside the Box

What is Downtime? How Does it Work?

Common Role-Playing Acronyms and their Meanings

  • PM: Private Message
  • RP: Role-Playing
  • RPG: Role-Playing Game
  • OOC: Out of Character
  • IC: In Character
  • PC: Playing Character
  • STPC: Storyteller Playing Character
  • NPC: Non-Player Character