How is the Game Played?

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The purpose of our game is to write a never-ending story by collaborating with other players. There is no end or winner. There is an ongoing story and a world that’s continually being developed.

The game has a setting, environment, and history that has been developed by both Storytellers and players.

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To play, you take on the persona of the character you create and write his or her actions, thoughts, and speech according to the situations Storytellers and other characters create. Your character plays as large or small a role in the story as you decide.

The gaming and interaction is carried out in a play-by-post style. This means you play by posting your section of story to the game boards, and other players post their sections in return.

All posts must be in third person, past tense. For example, “He went to the store.” A firm grasp of English grammar and spelling is a must.

Accents for characters should be used sparingly. They’re difficult to read if not written extremely well.

Try to write as if you are picking up the next sentence in the story from where the last player left off. There’s no need to summarize what happened in the last 10 posts before adding your character’s reactions. Read, respond and add to the story – avoid recapping it.