How to Interact in the Game

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It’s normal to feel shy when you’re new to a game. But should you be accepted for an audition, here are some useful tips on how to interact well for a winning show:

Create Relationships

Part of your job as a player is to find ways to have your character form relationships with others. Don’t isolate your character; don’t be shy or shuffle your feet . Get your character out there and meeting others.

If you find that characters aren’t coming to you, chase after them. Don’t be afraid of being bold when it comes to finding playmates.

Instant bonds aren’t realistic. Characters should be feeling each other out and getting to know each other more – not falling in love at first sight and proposing after two days.

Provide Quality Post for Others

Preference for whom we post typically develops based on the quality of material returned to us. Players that write rich posts and receive short, bland replies in return are discouraged from further interaction.

You get what you give. Don’t spend hours on a single post, but do try to make your replies worth everyone’s while.

Cliques, Favorites, and Preferences

Cliques happen and are difficult to avoid. Do make sure that you take advantage of the whole player population, not just a select few. Players should attempt to interact with everyone regardless of preference.

Don’t Touch Other Characters

Players are not allowed to write the actions of another player’s character without consent. This includes assuming reactions or outcomes and controlling or ‘moving’ another player’s character is commonly referred to as “power-playing,” “bunnying,” or “God-modding,” and it’s not polite or tolerated here.

The Passing of Time

Our game operates on a fixed-time system. Characters proceed together in the stoary along the same relative timeline in a day-by-day fashion, and Storytellers do their best to keep all scenes within six hours of one another.

Posting Frequency

You should expect to be required to post at least once a day – if not more. If you have a full-time job and a chaotic home life, study hard at university or frequently spend several days away from the computer, this game may not be the best for you.

Player Etiquette

We’re here to have fun, but we still have expectations for behaviour.

We ask that you grant the same level of civility and respect to players as you would anyone you met on the street. And not a dark street in the middle of the night in a bad neighbourhood, either.

Be courteous at all times, be polite, and remember your manners.

In Game Conflict Doesn’t Mean Someone Hates You

There is no story without conflict, but the clashing of characters doesn’t mean there’s been a fallout between the characters’ players. If another character dislikes yours, picks a fight and rains insults on his or her head, keep in mind that you – the player – is not the recipient of the abuse.

You are not your character. Your character is not you.

The same goes for positive interactions. Attraction happens, but a wink from a hot character shouldn’t lead you to believe that the winker’s player is head over heels in love with you.

Resolving Issues

Should you contact a player or a Storyteller regarding an interpersonal issue (or anything else), please do so in a mature, polite, and reasonable fashion. Weed out emotion and personal opinion before you bombard us with enraged diatribes.

Also, while player conflict isn’t something that happens often, please don’t hold in your displeasure until it leaks onto the boards or explodes. Don’t simmer; don’t stew. No one can read your mind. If something is wrong, say so.

If you do take an issue to Storytellers, be prepared to compromise, hear the other side of the coin or accept that you may have been wrong.

Lastly, no ST decision is arbitrary, but all ST decisions are final.