Game Play Guidelines and Suggestions

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The following is a list of game play guidelines and suggestions we feel helps you get the most out of your creative fiction and gaming experience. Please follow them as often as possible.

Play nice, play dirty – but make sure you play. When you commit to a collaborative game, you’ve made an unspoken promise to other players and Storytellers about your participation.

Storytellers are here to guide and interact. They are not here to tell …

Here are universal rules players should follow to enjoy discovering and exploring more in the story:

Pay Attention to Clues

That off-hand remark by a random person on the street, a recurring nightmare, that random object you happened to stray upon… Very few things in an RPG are meaningless.

Storytellers give you hooks designed to lead you to something important that helps in figuring out the obstacle at hand. Don’t make the mistake of thinking we won’t …

Interaction Is A Must

All players are welcome to join any scene already in play. There is no such thing as ‘closed’ or private scenes, and interaction is the name of the game. To get involved, simply have your character enter the scene – and we recommend the worst possible moment to do so! ;)

If you’d rather open a new scene (or thread), start off with what your character is doing and thinking. There’s a good …

It’s normal to feel shy when you’re new to a game. But should you be accepted for an audition, here are some useful tips on how to interact well for a winning show:

Create Relationships

Part of your job as a player is to find ways to have your character form relationships with others. Don’t isolate your character; don’t be shy or shuffle your feet . Get your character out there and meeting others.

If you find …

The purpose of our game is to write a never-ending story by collaborating with other players. There is no end or winner. There is an ongoing story and a world that’s continually being developed.

The game has a setting, environment, and history that has been developed by both Storytellers and players.

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To play, you take on the persona of the character you create and write …