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Playing games is your cup of tea? Go to the site and play halloween jogar gratis. Luck is waiting for you here! Escaping Reality is a creative writing role-playing site offering fiction writers, gamers, role-players and anyone who enjoys storytelling a place to let their imagination run wild.

Our current active game, Mysteria Island, has a genre that leans closest towards a gritty medieval era (read: rough times), with some drama and mild horror tossed in.

All gaming is carried out in a creative writing play-by-post role-playing style, with dedicated forum boards hidden from public view and specifically designed for interactive text-based RPG.

Escaping Reality is completely free of charge. There are no fees, memberships, subscriptions, books to buy or any other form of financial payment involved.

Potential players who wish to submit character concepts for game play may fill out our Character Concept Submission Form.

For more information, please click here to contact a Storyteller.