What is ER and How is It Played?

The purpose of Escaping Reality (ER) is to write an infinite interactive story by collaborating with other players. It is not a game with an end or a winner. Because of this, ER is an ongoing story and world continually being developed.

To play, you must take on the persona of a character you create and write his or her actions, thoughts, and speech according to the situations STs and other characters create. As in a play, there is a stage with a backdrop of scenery and history already developed by both STs and players.

Your character joins this production and plays as large or as small a role as you decide.

Escaping Reality is carried out in a play-by-post style. All posts must be in third person, past tense with no code wording. A firm grasp of English grammar and spelling is a must. We’re here to help you improve your creative writing, not to teach you how to write.

Accents for characters should be used sparingly as they’re difficult for people to read if not written extremely well.

You must write as if you are writing your part in a book. Don’t summarize everything that happened in the last 10 posts at the beginning of every one of yours. Have your character react to what he needs to and move on. Add to the story, don’t recap it.