FAQs on Applying

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Do I need to have previous role-playing or gaming experience?

No. You do need to be a fairly good writer, with a nice grasp of English language skills and grammar. You also need to know how to get along well and play nicely with others.

If youd like more tips and tricks on role-playing and gaming, you can explore our blog at Capturing Fantasy, where we offer free articles on creative writing, role-playing and gaming.

What kind of game is Mysteria Island?

Mysteria Island is a game set in the gritty medieval era and carried out in an island environment where there are few people and resources. In short, its going to be rough. There is a little magic, but its very rare, and all characters are human, with no magical abilities.

How Do I Create a Character?

First, spend some time thinking about the character youd like to play. Consider his or her physical description, history and personality. This is called a character concept.

For tips on creating a good character concept, we recommend How to Create Believable Characters, a fantastic creative writing resource no fiction lover should be without. Its jam-packed with extensive fiction writing tips and tricks on how to create characters youll fall in love with.

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When you have a solid grasp on a good character concept and feel ready to apply, click here to fill in the Character Concept Submission Form.

What Happens After I Submit a Character Concept?

The Storyteller team reviews your character concept, and one will get back to you within 48 hours. If your character is approved, youll receive an invitation to an in-game audition with a Storyteller, where you can show off your skills. Should the audition go well, youll be promoted to Player status and have access to the full game.

Why Do You Have Auditions?

An audition lets us know that youre comfortable with interactive and collaborative writing, as well as role-playing your character. Auditions also help you enjoy a high-quality collaborative writing game with players who match your skills.

How Do Auditions Work?

Youll be provided with guest access to certain areas of our game forum and assigned a scene setup provided by Storytellers. Other areas of the game forum are restricted from viewing until you receive Player status.

The scene setup is the beginning of a short journey, and it includes setting information, visual description, and character dialogue just as if you were playing in our live game. You write your characters response and reactions. The Storyteller replies and youll game back and forth for a few posts. This scene lets us see how you would react and respond to other characters who would interact with yours.

Should your audition go well, your character will successfully complete a journey. Youll be upgraded to Player status and have full access to our game forum.

My Character Concept Wasnt Accepted, or I Didnt Pass the Audition. Now What?

Were sorry to hear that. If we dont accept a character concept or a player doesnt pass the audition, this means that you may need to work on your writing skills, your interaction with others, or providing enough material for other players to work with.

You can work on improving your skills and resubmit a new character concept when youre ready but only once.

I Have No Idea What Im Doing. Can Someone Help?

We sure can. Its our pleasure to make you feel comfortable and answer your questions while you get your feet under you.

Just click here to contact a Storyteller. Well respond within 48 hours.


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