Common Role-Playing Acronyms and Their Meanings

PM: Private Message

A means of communicating with Storytellers or players through the ER boards that doesnt require an external program. Use PMs to ask about scene details, to arrange a scene with a particular person, or even to offer another player kudos, friendly critiques, or a correction.

RP: Role-Playing

The act of donning a fictional persona and acting out their thoughts, speech and actions.

RPG: Role-Playing Game

Sites and tabletop games like Escaping Reality in which players don the personas of characters and interact in a fictional environment.

OOC: Out of Character

Represents player communication without any player adopting their character’s persona.

IC: In Character

Represents speech, thought or dialogue that reflects the character persona the player adopts. IE, “That was very in character of him to throw the rock. Nice post.” Or “I hope you know when my character called your character a bitch, that was just IC. I think you’re great!”

PC: Playing Character

The characters on the plot created by players (you).

STPC: Storyteller Playing Character

Characters created and played by STs that can be used for ST purposes or story directing but that are mostly there for the fun of the STs. We like to play too, you know.

NPC: Non-Player Character

Characters created by STs. Theyre non-playing in the sense that they are created to move plot, encourage interaction, help other characters, teach, or mentor a PC. They make cameo, one-time-only or bit appearances and are called into use when required.

(Note: Be careful when dismissing one of the ST characters as an NPC, and be careful not to let yourself think that NPCs arent worth investigating. Clues dont always come in inanimate packages.)